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An Africa powered by capitalism and driven by a unique blend of cultural and social values.


Village Seed Ventures is on a mission to discover and nurture innovative investment opportunities in Africa by identifying and helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality.


We are committed to enhancing the vast potential of Africa’s intellectual capital and resources, and to provide continuous guidance and support to companies that partner with us; utilizing our diverse knowledge of Africa and strong business analytics to provide unmatched value to shareholders.


We support socially and environmentally responsible investing, with the goal of maintaining an exemplary reputation for successful business in Africa.


Chudi Adi, MD, MBA

Chairman Board of Directors
Physician and kidney specialist, a business leader with extensive experience in the US, Nigeria and the Caribbean. Dr Chudi is an entrepreneur, and angel investor whose passion is to nurture, develop and empower entrepreneurs in Africa.

Chinedu Nweke, MD, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Chinedu is a physician and entrepreneur who constantly seeks the power of networks, common cultures and values to perturb and stimulate the unconscious abilities of citizens towards a re-engineered social evolution.

Oluwaseun Davies, MD, MPH

Chief Operating Officer

Olu is an intensive care unit physician, founder, and serial sociopreneur with a focus on start-ups in emerging markets. He cares passionately about about uplifting humanity.

Robert Amajoyi, MD

Chief Strategy Officer

Rob is surgeon, a deep thinker, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a serial angel investor with a large network across the USA, Caribbeans and Africa.

Charles Nweke, MBA

Chief Technology Officer

Chartered Engineer and social entrepreneur with business, energy, and technology experience and a diversified network across Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. 

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