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We are on a mission to discover and nurture innovative investment opportunities in Africa by identifying and helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality.

We are committed to enhancing the vast potential of Africa’s intellectual capital and resources, and to providing continuous guidance and support to companies that partner with us; utilizing our diverse knowledge of Africa and strong business analytics to provide unmatched value to shareholders.

We support socially and environmentally responsible investing, with the goal of maintaining an exemplary reputation for successful business in Africa.


Profile descriptions: 

  • Experience with financial models for startups and VC models

  • Experience dealing with investment entities and HNWI  looking to invest in Africa or African-owned ventures

  • Extensive network in the venture capital and entrepreneur community, especially at the seed and serie A stages


Potential roles (Nigeria or US): 

  1. Venture Manager

  2. Investment Analyst

  3. Portfolio Manager

  4. Administrative assistant 

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